Forget Digital Limits. Deliver Awe. Reach Your Brand’s Zenith.​

We crafted Zenith DXP to exceed the needs of your business, tech and creative leaders, while mesmerizing your customers.


Dominate the digital horizon

Improved Security

With two decades of experience in fortifying the digital defenses of CE's biggest financial and telecom players, our highly secure environment and over-insured feature list are simply unmatched.

Modular Architecture

With our infinitely scalable solution, your traffic spikes are no match for our Atlas-like strength. We guarantee that your digital presence maintains peak performance, no matter how demanding the situation.

Seamless Integration

Zenith offers unparalleled compatibility, where third-party applications effortlessy coexist and interoperate, regardless of their deployment mode.

Faster go-to-market

Our airtight system dissolves the barriers between innovation and execution, ensuring smooth collaboration, content creation, and approval processes, propelling ideas from inception to reality with unparalleled efficiency.

No compromise

Besides security, full functionality was our guiding star to create a diverse, modular, “custom-like” feel for the devs, a true sandbox experience for content creators and the woah! factor for your customers.

Industry standard

Our Central European telco, bank and IT client require the tightest legal and regulatory compliance. This naturally became a fundamental pillar of our platform. If you are worried about industry standards, we guarantee worry-free performance.

Unlimited design

You dream it, you can make it. Our feature-rich, modular site-building model provides the necessary tools to create virtually anything.

Easy & Brandsafe

It is hard to check on every bit of content, so a foolproof design and scheduling system and multi-level approval assist teams to keep your brand aligned with your original vision.

Dynamic Personalization

Beyond captivating content creation, gauging its performance is paramount. Our automated reporting system ensures that analytics seamlessly reach decision-makers, empowering data-driven decisions.

The results speak for themselves

After 20+ years with Central Europe’s leading IT, Banking and Telecom enterprises, we gathered a few instructive and inspirational stories worth sharing with those who are brave enough to dream big.


Value first

Plan, create, manage, publish and analyze with a cutting-edge, highly secure digital experience platform.

Content management

Target, time and approve your messages smoothly with streamlined organization, SEO and accessibility tools.


Your brand cannot suffer from a constrained solution, so we made our platform fully customizable.

Approval chain

Nurture your brand's identity while maintaining control over your digital assets with a transparent approval chain so your content remains in sync with your values and stakeholders.

True Scheduling

Sensitive content needs precision timing. Our True Scheduling ensures your content is protected until the time is right to make its impact.


Even the most seasoned professionals find comfort in a safety net. We ensure the reliability, stability, and security of your systems.

Cloud and On-prem ready

Whether you're operating in cloud, on-prem servers or hybrid setups, our DXP effortlessly adapts to your needs.

What Our Clients Say

faster time to launch

“Due to Zenith’s modularity, we have significantly accelerated the creation of pages and thus the turnaround time of tasks, improving efficiency and achieving our faster time-to-market goal.”

Gábor Sólyom

Head of Website, Videobank and Design Department at MBH Bank